Simon Whittaker

Simon Whittaker

Course Leader


It was whilst doing research for his Master’s degree in Theology; the question came about on ‘could interfaith and non faith couples enjoy a ceremony pleasing both parties?’

The standard registrar’s office delivery frequently came across as being cold and unemotional. It serves a purpose of legality, but not necessarily meeting the Bride and Groom’s expectations of a ceremony.

Following several months of searching for alternatives, being a ‘civil celebrant’ seemed the ideal balance and choice. Personal bereavement initially put things on hold, but out of that dark time came a new light and focus.

Having completed the Marriage and Family Celebrancy course, then later the Funeral Celebrancy course (both under the direction of Terri Shanks), Simon set about promoting himself and the Fellowship as one.

“Immediately seeing the benefits of the FPC, the support and camaraderie are unique”
He said.
“Our wide reaching network of celebrants located within the UK and internationally, are only a telephone call or message away from instant support. Something lone workers appreciate a great deal”.

Having worked front line in the public and private sectors for many years, also as an instructor in Conflict Management and coaching ex forces (ELCAS) resettlement, Simon Whittaker brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to the FPC training team.

Being able to offer a completely flexible and unrestrictive service to the public is without doubt, one of the greatest achievement in the last ten years.