Michelle Taylor – Twice Winner of the Wedding Celebrant of the Year Awards

Regional Winner ‘Wedding Celebrant of the Year’ (TWIA) in 2018.

Regional AND National Winner ‘Wedding Celebrant of the year’ in 2019.

The 2019 Wedding Industry Award Wedding Celebrant of the Year TrophyI have been TWIA East of England Celebrant of the Year winner for 2 years running 18/19 and was completely shocked and just slightly over the moon when it was announced that I had also won the national title of ‘Wedding Celebrant of the year’ at The Wedding Industry Awards in January 2019. Winning the award that first year was so exciting, a massive nationally recognised industry award that gave me the impetus to rebrand. It felt almost like I was being told 'you know what missus, you can do this and actually you are quite good at it.' ( I suffer from imposter syndrome like you wouldn't believe!) And then to win both the regional and national awards this year, well that just boosted my confidence even more. I love spreading my unique brand of love far and wide and I know my couples are choosing me now, not just because they NEED a celebrant and anyone will do... But because they REALLY want ME! I have had couples move dates and times to accommodate me into their plans. That is really rather awesome and a little bit humbling! So I trained with Terri through the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants (FPC) in the Summer of 2011 down in Worthing, and we had such fun, my eyes were opened to a world of possibilities and I couldn't wait to get started. I had so many ideas brimming over, but it took time to develop those ideas and my style, and now I have definitely found my niche in the market as well as my tribe. Wedding Celebrant of the year (TWIA 2019) winner Michelle Taylor What the FPC training gives is beyond compare. We don't concentrate on how to compose and write an email, but how to write and deliver a ceremony. How to make sure your families and couples are truly reflected in everything we do. How we can still inject our personalities into the script and ultimately the delivery. I have been described as a comic genius by one dad... and he should know because he IS one but that's another story... had standing ovations and reduced guests to tears (in a good way I hasten to add). Because of my wealth of industry knowledge I have become the Manager of Continuing Professional Developments for wedding and family celebrancy within the FPC. It is an honour to help mentor my peers knowing I am continuing to pass on good practice and keep our members at the top of their game. In turn it also keeps me at the top of my game, as I am always researching and improving my techniques. Michelle Taylor. Regional Winner ‘Wedding Celebrant of the Year’ The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA) 2018All of this training is most definitely reflected in the amount of awards members have received over the years. FPC Celebrants are recognised as a bench mark of excellence. Add that to the camaraderie and support amongst members and we have the perfect match. Well trained and well supported independent celebrants, delivering world class and award winning ceremonies. It is a thrill and an honour to be a part of an organisation that consistently achieves high levels recognition. I glow with pride when I speak about being a part of such a supportive group of people and I know that the training I received set me on the path I walk today. Combine that with the work I continue to do on behalf of the FPC, I know our already high standards will continue to rise and in turn raise standards throughout the industry. After all, we are all striving to be the very best celebrant we can in our own field, be it wedding and family or funerals. The market will become more competitive, it is the nature of the beast, but cream rises to the top... And boy has the FPC and its individual members proved this time and time again! The 2019 Wedding Industry Awards National Winner Logo You can find out more about me at my website www.mtaylorcelebrant.co.uk